Knowledge Base

A database of information that a chatbot uses to answer questions. It can be built from documents, FAQs, websites, and other structured data sources.
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Knowledge Base

A Knowledge Base in the context of chatbots, particularly ChatFlow, is a centralized repository of information that a chatbot uses to respond to user queries effectively. 

This knowledgebase includes structured and unstructured data derived from various sources, such as crawled websites, uploaded documents and notes stored on the chatbot.

The primary goal of a chatbot knowledge base is to feed the underlaying AI information and knowledge it does not have by default, that is relevant to the purpose of the chatbot, this could be knowing about your company history, the opening hours, areas you service, which products you sell and factual information about them.

A common way to build up a knowledge base for your chatbot in Chatflow, is to setup a crawler your website to find all the surface level information about what you do, what you sell, the names and basic specs of your products, then supplement that information by upload more comprehensive product information in form of a PDF product catalog, data sheets, safety information, your pricing list.