Build an AI Chatbot for your Website

Use your website content to fuel AI chatbots that instantly respond to visitor queries. Quick setup, instant impact.

Customer Support Automation

ChatFlow crawls your site to build a knowledge base, delivering accurate, instant answers to customer questions.

Powered by OpenAI

ChatFlow uses OpenAI to deliver human-like responses, enhancing customer support with minimal manual intervention.

Knowledge Base

ChatFlow builds a knowledge base from your website, documents and notes, ensuring accurate and relevant responses to customer queries.

Brand Customization

ChatFlow can be customized to match your brand and colors, ensuring a seamless customer experience and a consistent brand identity.

Valuable Insights

Track customer interactions and satisfaction levels to gain valuable insights into your business and improve your customer service.

Simple Integration

ChatFlow can be integrated with your website in minutes, allowing you to start providing instant customer support right away.

Simple and affordable pricing

No hidden fees. Cancel anytime, 30 days money-back guarantee.


€ 29 /month

€ 290 /year

  • Max 1 chatbots
  • Max 2 crawlers
  • Max 5 documents
  • Max 5 notes
  • Cannot remove branding
14 days free trial 14 days free trial
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€ 59 /month

€ 590 /year

  • Max 3 chatbots
  • Max 5 crawlers
  • Max 20 documents
  • Max 20 notes
  • Can remove branding
14 days free trial 14 days free trial


€ 99 /month

€ 990 /year

  • Max 5 chatbots
  • Max 10 crawlers
  • Max 100 documents
  • Max 100 notes
  • Can remove branding
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ChatFlow?

ChatFlow is an AI chatbot builder that uses your website content as it's knowledge base to provide real-time, intelligent responses to customer inquiries.

What are chatbots?

Chatbots are AI-powered software agents designed to simulate conversations with human users over the internet. They can answer questions and provide assistance based on a knowledge gathered from your website, documents and notes.

What are crawlers?

Crawlers, in the context of ChatFlow, refer to automated bots that scan your website's content to update the chatbot's knowledge base. They ensure that the AI chatbot remains accurate and up-to-date by continuously indexing new and updated information from your site.

What does "documents" mean?

Documents refer to any text-based files, such as PDFs, Word documents, or HTML pages, that you can upload to ChatFlow. The content of these documents is used to enrich the chatbot's knowledge base, allowing it to provide more detailed and specific answers to user inquiries, this is useful for content that is not present on your website.

What are notes?

Notes are pieces of textual information that you can directly add to the chatbot's knowledge base. These can include frequently asked questions, company information, or any specific details you want to ensure the chatbot can communicate to your visitors.

What does "Cannot remove branding" imply?

On the lower tier plan, your chatbot widget will display "Powered by ChatFlow" branding. To remove this branding, you need to upgrade to a higher tier plan.

How does ChatFlow integrate with my website?

Integration is simple and user-friendly. ChatFlow gives you a simple embed script that you can paste into your HTML.

Can ChatFlow handle complex customer queries?

ChatFlow can handle some complex questions, however it cannot answer things it doesn't know, so the more knowledge you feed into it, the better it will be able to answer questions.

Is ChatFlow customizable?

Yes, you can customize everything from the chatbot’s tone of voice and conversational style, to its visual design elements like colors and messaging to ensure brand consistency.

Do you offer a free trial?

We offer a 14-day free trial, that includes full access to all of ChatFlow’s features, no credit card required to sign up.

What is on your roadmap?

We plan on adding integrations with various CRMs, Helpdesk software, Analytics tools and the ability for the Chatbot to present forms to the user based on the question for lead generation and data collection.